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Welcome to Corneal Consultants of Colorado

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Sight is a profound sense. It allows us to experience the world around us and interpret its meaning in ways perhaps the other senses cannot. When sight is compromised, we risk losing more than our ability to see; we risk losing a part of ourselves that makes us uniquely human.

Since 1982, Corneal Consultants of Colorado, P.C. has been a leading provider of ophthalmologic diagnosis and treatment services. Founders Dr. Richard Damiano and Dr. S. Lance Forstot, renowned corneal and refractive surgeons and pioneers in the progressive treatment of visual acuity, began the practice performing refractive surgery to correct astigmatism following corneal transplantation. As treatment technologies grew and advanced over the years, so too did Corneal Consultants of Colorado.  Drs. Damiano and Forstot are pleased to announce the merger of Repine Vision and Laser, LLC and the addition of Dr. Karen M. Repine to Corneal Consultants of Colorado in January of 2013 after working together for seven years.  Additionally, Dr. Robert I. Fish, specializing in Corneal and refractive procedures, recently joined our practice.  We are honored to have him join our team and have the ability to offer extended care to our glaucoma and corneal patients.

Cornea Colorado Office 2Today, Corneal Consultants of Colorado provides a range of services including: refractive and laser surgery, cataract surgery, corneal transplant surgery, glaucoma care, and optics. We offer the most current, cutting-edge technologies available to diagnose and treat refractive errors, eye disease and injury.

Corneal Consultants of Colorado is dedicated to the preservation of sight and providing our patients the quality of life they deserve. To learn more about our services, or to schedule a consultation with our physicians, please contact us.

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